Blazer project intro

Hey guys, new project coming!
I have always wanted to have a real R/C car and/or plane! Buying a “high-end” car/plane can set you back, a fair bit. I’m always looking in the classifieds and online to see if anyone is selling, but usually they’re to pricey and/or already sold. Continue reading “Blazer project intro”

First test run

Just a quick post today as it has been a very busy day…
Here’s the video I shot today. Please excuse the poor lighting,
small space, and bad camera work!



I got a very good deal today, at least I think I did.
I responded to an ad on a site called )it’s sort of like CraigsList. A guy was selling three parts cars, all nitro fueled, two with servos. I have no experience with nitro, at all. I’m guessing I’ll sell some parts (engine(s), wheels, etc.

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Steering sorted!

hobby store run

I’ve gotten a lot done today on the car. Had to stop by the hobby store, which I hadn’t been to for years.. It still amazes me how just looking around for a good hour can seem like only a few minutes, but shopping for just a few minutes can seem like hours…

I finally found the type of epoxy I’ve been looking all over for. And at a reasonable (at least over here) price. Continue reading “Steering sorted!”

Updating site and posts

If you’ve stumbled across this site; Welcome!
There’s not much info here as of right now, but I’m working on it.

I’m using this as a personal blog/showcase for my “work” in making things. Making things from scratch or re-thinking old items / new items / anything you can think of! (Hence the tag-line).

Stay tuned!