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Well, hello again!

Another blank period, where I haven’t posted anything. I have been super busy and also not felt like posting/writing anything… I have been so focused on woodworking for a very long time, not much else have “gone through” my screens. … Continue reading

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Two wheels!!

Spring seems to be upon us, and that’s the time to start thinking about two wheels. I had a scooter (I don’t have a drivers license for over 50cc ) a couple of months last year, but sold it when … Continue reading

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A huge change for me!

Well, this is a bit of a weird change for me… I have been a PC man ever since I started using computers. I am a trained computer tech, and worked as a systems admin for several years. However, after … Continue reading

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Maverick update

Well… There’s been so much rain and bad weather last couple of weeks, so haven’t had a good chance to run the MT. I have however had plenty of time thinking about upgrades and future projects, and already have some … Continue reading

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Not much going on

Been a few days since my last post, so I thought I’d write a sort of a “summery”. Most of my time has been going towards research about RC and specifically HPI Maverick Strada 1/10th MT Evo.

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RC Light Tutorial/HowTo

A lot happened in the last two days! I decided to make a tutorial on how to make static running lights for you RC truck. I really wanted lights on my truck, but didn’t feel it was worth investing in … Continue reading

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Can’t seem to get any sleep these days

I’m having a hard time getting sleep these days, and thus have a bit more time on my hands. Since there’s not much to do in the middle of the night, I might as well write. I wrote about a … Continue reading

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Blazer project intro

Hey guys, new project coming! I have always wanted to have a real R/C car and/or plane! Buying a “high-end” car/plane can set you back, a fair bit. I’m always looking in the classifieds and online to see if anyone … Continue reading

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First test run

Just a quick post today as it has been a very busy day… Here’s the video I shot today. Please excuse the poor lighting, small space, and bad camera work!   I got a very good deal today, at least … Continue reading

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Steering sorted!

I’ve gotten a lot done today on the car. Had to stop by the hobby store, which I hadn’t been to for years.. It still amazes me how just looking around for a good hour can seem like only a … Continue reading

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