Something new :-)

So… For a very long time, I’ve been struggling with car trouble. I own a 2000 Toyota Corolla that hasn’t been on the road for over two years (it’s to be sold now). My daily driver has been a 2002 Toyota Yaris Verso that’s preformed well, but it won’t pass this years bi-annual inspection. Continue reading “Something new :-)”

Talking points Feb. 3

Malwarebytes, another disappointing event

Saturday Jan. 27th, turned out to be quite the ordeal for a large number of PC users.

Malwarebytes pushed out a protection update that caused connection issues. Amongst problems with the web protection aspect, Malwarebytes caused a huge spike in memory usage, so much so the computers crashed.

I am personally a premium user of MBAM, and felt this thing hard. My computer started randomly spiking and crashing and kept on doing so for a couple of hours. I managed to finally get MBAM uninstalled and re-installed and I guess that happened around the time MBAM pushed out another protection update, which resolved the issue.
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Content creation

Good afternoon (or morning) and a very Happy New Year!
Here’s what I’ve been up to the last few days. I dug out my Wacom tablet and have been practicing drawing again, which I’ve always wanted to learn and be proficient doing. This quill was just something I threw together while doodling… I only wish I had the mental “stamina” to keep drawing, instead of opting to watch videos, streams and what-not… Laziness I guess…


The first couple of days back drawing, I spent with Pok√©mon. They’re fun to draw and also somewhat simple in their design (at least some of them).

As far as content creation (YouTube) and streaming (twitch), I’ve been dormant for a very long time, but I’m planning on making a return shortly. This week I purchased an Elgato Stream Deck Controller and have been playing with that as well. Man, that thing is a game changer! One thing I need to update before I can make a decent video, is lighting. I’m looking to LED lights, but I won’t purchase video lights. Something else though.

Once the lights are in house, I’ll try to make a video on the deck because it’s just that great. I’ve been creating profiles and scenes in OBS Studio, getting ready to make some content again! HellYeah!!


A weekend where I actually played some poker!! Who would have guessed. These days I’m focusing on playing Sit ‘n Go’s on PokerStars as well as quite a few Spin and Go’s. As written, hyper is new to me, but I sure do like them.

I have an account on PartyPoker as well, but I’ve never deposited there, I only got one or two cash-to-play things. Mid week I got an email to opt in to a daily reward, unveil a card with a reward, a Caribbean Poker Party reward “game”. I’ve played every day since, revealing a new card each day at 13:00 CEST. Every day has revealed a $2.2 satellite entry, in which I’ve lost very early on. I think much of the reason for that is that I just haven’t taken them seriously! So today I revealed my, again, $2.2 satellite and got to work. One hour later, 25 of us got our entry to a $22 satellite. I planned on unregistering this to play at a later time, but the $2.2 finished just as the $22 started and my new table in the $22 opened automatically, Dang! Guess I have to play then.

After late registration, 84 players were in (some were already out) and that meant 15 entries to a semi-final worth $109, as well as $45 for 16th.
It took 1h 39m 15 minutes plain hand-for-hand, but I got my entry! This time I had time to unregister the satellite, because the prize in this one is a Day one qualifier seat! The ticket is good until 13-Aug ~09:30, so one day this coming week I’ll play a $109 satellite/tournament, which will be my biggest buyin to date.

Let’s hope I make it all the way to Day 1 of the Caribbean Poker Party ’17!


I didn’t get to play the MicroMillion’s as I had hoped and planned, due to some complications with a dentist appointment and some serious pain thereafter. I’m still going back to the dentist (just came from an appointment today) doing root canals and a lot of maintenance…

I’ve played quite a few Spins and some SNG’s, but nowhere near the amount I’ve been planning. No stream, but I’ve upgraded all my equipment, adding a fourth monitor, new macro keyboard (to use with OBS and twitch).
Link to my keyboard. I’ve been using my Logitech MX Master mouse and am very happy with that for the moment.

As for streaming… I am having a real hard time getting going… I so want to stream for hours ‘n hours, but when I feel like starting, my brain shuts me down and tells me: “You’re seriously going to stream playing micro SNG’s and MTT’s??” I end up maybe playing a few spins and then watch some poker related videos. I have a lot of mental work to do to get going!

Anyways; I’d love to hear from you, any feedback is good feedback!

Poker and setup

Alrighty folks, how’s life treating you fine ladies and gents?
I’ll start this post with my week-so-far graph (poker):
So.. I’m a low-volume, micro, to low stakes “grinder”. My passion this week has been 36 Players, Super-KO SnG’s on Pokerstars.
These are suuuper aggressive and being hyper-turbo (10BB starting stack), the whole thing is over usually 12-15 minutes, start to finish. Until I found these, I’ve not really liked the whole hyper-turbo thing, but this week has shown me a new path. I actually like the fast pace action.

Another thing I’ve done is update my setup. I’ve bought a 4 monitor stand (currently 3 set up) and I’ve upgraded my mic-stand, for use when I start streaming again. I’ve bought the domain: and that is linked directly to

Tomorrow, Pokerstars MicroMillions (MM’s) start with a $5.50, $300k guaranteed event. I was thinking of playing a number of events this year and the upgrades are for streaming purposes.

I don’t know, I’ll play the MM’s for sure, but I’m not sure about the streaming part. I’d be streaming right now if it weren’t for the fact that I have a rubbish upload speed and there’s no way to get better connectivity out here. Down speed is OK but up… Nope. If only I could get a 50/50 line…

Anyhoo.. Let me know by dropping me an email, a comment or head on over to and follow me. I’d really appreciate the follow!


Hey guys, just a quick post from me today.
We’re just starting our summer holidays and I’m working through it, aiming for an August break or something.

As you can see I’ve changed the template for the site, selecting a simpler layout and a bit sleeker design. That’s about it since my last post, haven’t made it to the forest and certainly not made any of the things I want to..

All I’ve done is brushing up on my twitching and played a bunch of micro spins on PokerStars (in a blowup, no care about the results, fashion). +/- break even streak and not a care in the world. I’ll be playing many more and I’m eyeing some MTT’s as well, never know.. might get lucky right?

Anywhoo.. Follow me on social media and head on over to my YouTube channel. Creating more content these very days!

Long overdue

Hey guys! How’re ya’ll doing?
So, it’s been almost a year since I last wrote something and that’s about to change! I’m really eager to get back into writing along side doing the things I’m writing about. Be it woodworking, forestry, making, modifying, anything you can think of! (Get it? )

This post will just be a semi-quick entry to let you know I’m still around and thinking of new things.
One of the very first things I’m doing is getting back into YouTub’ing; Projects will be documented and videos will be edited for publication. I have set my sights at a couple of simple projects that will get me started, and I have a dream of getting started back in the forest in the near future.

I very recently went and bought myself a new Stihl chainsaw (a very nice and powerful MS 362 C-M). This was purchased with my sights set on getting back into the forest and also I’m getting a chainsaw mill, here’s a link. My chainsaw came with a 15″ bar, but I’m getting a 36″ bar and chain, as the stock is far to small for a mill.
I also have two other chainsaw that I’ going to try and get back in running condition, at least one of them. I don’t quite remember which models they are, but I think it’s an MS 260 and a 0xx series (I’ll find the chainsaw and update). Normally I do all repairs and such myself, but these two are in such a shape that I’m turning them over to a licensed mechanic. The 260 has a “rubber joint” that’s busted in deep in the saw and I’ll just rather not botch the job.

Here’s a cap. of one of the small projects I’m doing, getting back into YouTube and making.
It’s currently in the idea stage, but I’m hoping to try it out as early as this very week, fingers crossed.


Another thing on my TODO list is re-vamping this site! It’s just in the #want stage, but a new template is desperately needed (I feel). This is something that’s just cosmetic, but I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Let’s get it going shall we! Visit: or (both are links to my YouTube channel)

Spin & Go’s

Here’s a video of 2 quick Spin & Go’s on PokerStars.

I have decided to start streaming poker & what’not on Twitch, as I enjoy watching others streams and want to stream myself. I have acquired all the equipment I need and some more, so I’m in fact ready to go. It’s a bit hard to pull the trigger for some reason, but I’ll get there. Continue reading “Spin & Go’s”

Traded lock

#Locksport American #2 #Locksport American #1So, I’m a new member on, and what a great forum that is! I ended up listing my TrioVing locks for trade, and today I received the first package. This is an American A1106BLU, and is my first IC (interchangeable core) padlock. I’m not sure if it’s currently 4 or 5 pin, but I had it picked in under a minute after opening the box. My tradesman included another pin (all parts) so I can make it more challenging when I feel up to it.

I’m currently struggling with one of my el-cheap-o locks, it just does not want to pick… I’ve opened it numerous times before, just now it’s decided to go bad on me. And just now, as I’m writing this, it finally decided to give. Gave up to a rake of all things.

On another note.. I need a bigger desk! I have a two screen setup, one 23″ and one 27″ monitor. I spend most of my time at this desk, but it’s getting more and more cramped. I guess I should keep my eyes on, looking for a replacement. Keep ya’ll posted.

Remember: Keep it legal!